Projects and Experience


MyJourney is a self-help interactive program based on Contextual Cognitive Behavioural Therapy that provides step-by-step support to ease acceptance of an unfulfilled wish for children.

Technologies Used

JS, React, SQL, Node, HTML, SCSS

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Zzog's Adventure

Zzog's adventure is a webGL game that educates and assists children with their concentration and patience

Technologies Used

Unity Game Engine, C#, HMTL

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This projects IP is owned by Cardiff University and therfore i cannot share the code here

Cardiff Emotional Recognition Training (CERT)

A training programme that teaches children and young people to recognise emotions in other people, a skill that is crucial for positive social interaction.

Technologies Used

PHP, Javascript, HMTL, Apache

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This project is private and still in development, so I am unable to supply the code at this time

Cardiff University Psychology Departments Resource Database

The resources database is responsible for many systems that are used by students and staff, including storing data on users, allocating students to groups for practicals and tutorials, monitoring student attendance, systems for arranging placements for students among other functionality

Technologies Used

SQL, PHP, Yii, Javascript, HMTL, Apache

This is a private project so I am unable to supply links to the codebase or project page

Two Balls

A hyper casual game, build for mobile devices

Technologies Used

Unity, C#, Gimp

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Decentralised Food Ordering Platform

In my spare time, I have been developing a decentralised peer to peer food ordering platform, similar to just eat only built on the ethereum blockchain. The project is still currently in development but you can view the code below.

Technologies Used

Solidity, Truffle, Web3, Node.js

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This Project isn't Live yet, check back at a later date for the project link

AfterShock - Decentralised Game

The Aftershock team have hired me to produce a decentralised game, build on top of the ethereum blockchain. I'm unable to currently give away too much as the project is still in development but check back here in the coming weeks for links and more information.

Technologies Used

Solidity, Truffle, web3, React

This is private and still in development, check back at a later date for the project link